Mac client faoil to connect

I ave urBankup install on my Unraid server. I have tried to install the Mac client. But I never could get to work. I’m on Macbook Pro M3 Max "16. I haven’t been able to connect to unraid server? Any suggestion is appreciated.

Mac have a high security with software, i assume you tried the Linux install? You need to allow it access from the Mac Control Panel, however this still may not work. I am not sure your gain much other than files, as the only way to restore a MAC is via there own backup system (which ive used to restore them on a new build, it finds the vault and restores well).

Thank you

I do see UrBackup does have a BETA MAC client… we have dealt with MAC and image restores alot, and about the only way we had them work is with the genuine Mac backup (Time Machine), QNAP have one built in to there NAS OS (free) and it works, we have restored Macs with it… ive not tested UrBackup version, but i would think its good for files only… if however a complete image CAN be restored, that would be interesting. Although Apple did something wacky with there OS in version 10 from memory in that the system partition is read only, with the running OS being in another partition to shop hackers damaging the system to the point that it no longer works. There was a symbolic link the OS couldnt tell once booted.