Low free space on the appliance system volume


I’ve got this message on the web interface. I installed INFSCAPE with the img file download and I used dd to install it. Now I need to extend the HD system. How can I expand without having any problem.

My hard drive is a 32GB and the BTRFS system partition is 7.5GB, Cloud storage with HD cache.

thank you in advance

"There is low free space on the appliance system volume (less than 1GB of free space).
Automatic action: Currently stopping backup processes and compressing system space to increase available free space.
Increase system volume size as soon as possible to guarantee error free functioning of the appliance.

It automatically expands the file system on the system volume to the maximum size. So it should already use the 32GB. One way to fix this is to increase the size of the system volume. After a reboot it should then use the new size.

Otherwise disabling File backup search database in the advanced settings might save you some space with future file backups on the system volume.


the hard drive is 64GB but the system partition is 7.6GB. the system has been rebooted several times and the result is the same. the hard drive is not used completely.

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Sorry about that. Could you either

  • Report the problem while attaching log information, via the link at the bottom of the appliance web interface
  • Or send me the log file /var/log/app.log or the output of journalctl -u pystartup
  • Or if feasible, tell me the exact hardware environment so the problem can be reproduced


I report the problem from the appliance.
VM Proxmox (KVM)

Got the debug info, thanks! It says the disk is not 64G large from within the VM…

####BLKINFO (output of lsblk)
NAME                                         MAJ:MIN RM  SIZE RO TYPE  MOUNTPOINT
loop0                                          7:0    0 1024P  0 loop  /media/backup
sda                                            8:0    0  7.6G  0 disk  
|-sda1                                         8:1    0   95M  0 part  /boot
`-sda2                                         8:2    0  7.5G  0 part  /media/fs
sdb                                            8:16   0  256G  0 disk  
`-sdb1                                         8:17   0  256G  0 part  
  `-LUKS-CC-b8f1b2fc2f1241b09228b917eb78b6f2 254:0    0  256G  0 crypt /media/cloudcache
sr0                                           11:0    1 1024M  0 rom

Maybe you need to do a truncate -s 64G vm-701-disk0.raw or fallocate -l 64G vm-701-disk0.raw ?

You’re right, now with truncate command, HD have the good capacity (64Go)

thanks you :slightly_smiling_face: