Looking for a Windows 7 compatible client's release

first of all, I’m italian so I apologize in advance if my english is not perfect. And I’m not touchy about it, so fell free to correct me!

I’ve just installed URBackup on a QNAP NAS and I’m starting to test it with our company’s computers.

I have the problem that some of this are still using Windows 7.
The only release avalaible on your site is the 2.5.21, that have not compatibility with this SO.

Since I cannot ask to change all the pc’s still using it, even if it will be done in the not too far future, I’m looking for a previous release of your client.
Searching in the forum I haven’t found a link to it, but people having similar problem said that the 2.4.11 was a working one.

Is there any place I can look for it?
Thank you in advance!

E.g. here: Index of /Client

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Which version did you end up downloading to run on Windows 7? What server version are you using to make it work? Did you ever get this to work?

The last working client version is 2.4.11 and I’m using it on a bunch of machines with 2.5.32 server without any issues (only file backups, don’t know about image backups).

As always, check the client changelog and server changelog to get an idea of what you are missing and potential issues you can face when using old version. Also, this compatibility list might be useful.

In my testing environment, I am trying to use ALL Internet clients. The latest server is obviously going to serve me or display a link to download the latest pre-configured client versus the one mentioned here. How can I transfer those settings for that particular client I have setup to the older 2.4.11 version. Here’s a sample of what I have tested (with some success).

  1. I download the latest client (pre-configured).
  2. I open that .exe with 7-Zip, extract “initial_config” and “server_indents_new” from the .exe
  3. I run the older client install (I tested with 2.4.8, but now I will try 2.4.11 per your recommendation)
  4. I run through the entire setup wizard until I get to the last screen (with a Finish button).
  5. I drop the two files (listed above) into the Program Files\UrBackup folder
  6. Restart the service “UrBackup Client”
  7. Configure my paths for backup and let it connect.

I don’t know if this is much more work than what you have done. Can you give me an idea of how you approach things? I need to refine this process so i can deploy on many computers. Thank you very much in advance or all your replies.

@ProfoundIT Here is how I do it for internet clients. I grab the generic installation file from https://hndl.urbackup.org/Client/2.4.11/ and install it. Then I open the tray menu and set the client name, server name and client auth key. That’s it, restart the service and it connects and gets all other settings from the server.

You can find server name on Settings->Internet tab and client’s credentials on Settings->clientname->Internet tab. Client name will default to host name, make sure you change it to whatever you set on the UrBackup server.

I also don’t allow client-side changing of settings, not sure if it matters. As I said, in this setup it gets everything from the server when it finally gets connected.

Great! Thank you!

A couple of thoughts on this.

I also do not allow any client side changing of settings. This is mostly to protect clients (both the customer and the software) from tampering with the system. In addition, it is a good best-practice measure against software that might also attempt to corrupt files on the machine, which would then infect the backup. Anything the software can do, the virus or ransomware can also do, so good best practice to follow.

Here’s one detail I’m not sure about though.

There is a screen that prompts for image/file backup settings. In other words, what to backup. Is there a way to automate this step?

In other words, can I add something in the config to just say “image ALL local internal disks” instead of having to get passed that screen as well. Can I just set this by default on the server side, I don’t know if there is.

Thank you very much for your response.

I’m using file backups only and I always set it on the server side.

My default directories to backup:


My default exclude list:

:\$Recycle.Bin;:\hiberfil.sys;:\MSOCache;:\pagefile.sys;:\swapfile.sys;:\System Volume Information;C:\$GetCurrent;C:\$SysReset;C:\$Windows.~BT;C:\$Windows.~WS;C:\PerfLogs;C:\Program Files (x86);C:\Program Files;C:\ProgramData;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Media Cache;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\thumbcache*;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\:\cache;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\:\cache2;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Packages;C:\Users\:\AppData\Local\Temp;C:\Windows;C:\Windows.old;

This is populated to all clients and then I adjust per client if needed, again on the server side only.

And one more thing about that installer screen you mentioned - there is some weird bug there, in order to get it working like I described, you have to close it without confirming anything, just hit the window close icon.

And one more thing about that installer screen you mentioned - there is some weird bug there, in order to get it working like I described, you have to close it without confirming anything, just hit the window close icon.

I assume you’re talking about the screen which prompts you to select which files and images to run. It has two questions with three options each. correct? You just “X” that out I’m assuming. Do you THEN restart the service or config the client with the basics and restart? What’s the order of operations just so I’m clear.

One important question I have regarding this whole topic is …

Have you ever tried to RE-Deploy on a machine that ALREADY had the client installed.

Here’s the scenario.

A customer calls because something is not working right backup wise.

If I got to try and re-install the UrBackup client, I want to be able to COMPLETELY remove the client, RE-install it and just have it pick up where it left off.

The few times I have tried this, a few things have happened.

1). The client is treated as a NEW client, EVEN though all the same information was entered for config.

I assume this is because of some sort of initial server-client handshake that locks in certain encryption is or something, once these are established, those exact pieces of information would have to be in the exact same spot they were (i.e. in the same files/registry keys).

2). Even though the connection is made, the communication doesn’t seem exactly correct between the client and server because although it connects, it doesn’t recognize situations where a backup might be needed to bring things up to par. This second situation hasn’t been extensively tested and I’m more concerned about the first bullet point above.

SO, to summarize – I want to be able to RE-INSTALL a client and have it RE-ASSOCIATED with the same client on the server list side so I don’t have to RE-RUN all the backups so the association takes place. It’s extremely frustrating to have to do this.

By the way, this is not limited specifically to Windows 7 situations, just something I have been trying to perfect because I KNOW I will run into these situations along the journey.

I’m downloading the generic installer, install with default settings (just next, next, next) and “X” out the last window where it asks what I want to backup. Client is running but can’t connect as expected (I’m forcing internet/active mode on the server). I go to the client settings via tray icon, change and save settings. Restart the service and it connects and gets client settings from the server.
EDIT: I’m executing enable_internet_only script which restarts the service for me.

Hmm good catch. Normally in this scenario I will just download the latest installer from the UrBackup server (which is client specific), and it works like you expect BUT since we are talking about Windows 7 this is not an option.

I had to recreate a broken Windows 7 machine in the past. I did everything as described above, basically creating a new client. Then I downloaded and recovered all files via web UI so it didn’t matter if it’s a new client or not. I run a full backup job and was not concerned about disk space on the server because of cross-client de-duplication. It was within LAN so I was also not concerned with network traffic, but active backups use hashed block-differences transfer mode by default so I guess it’s not an issue anyways.

I like how you plan and think everything through.

This is probably the most thorough backup planning I have done in quite some time. Kind of tired of the disjointed way in which I used to do things.

One final thought popped into my head as I’m dialing everything in. Because these are older clients, WILL THEY TRY TO AUTOMATICALLY update? Hopefully NOT because then we have a whole new problem. I don’t want to disable automatic updates of the client software because then my newer clients will not update, as I would want them to.

I have one or two other thoughts rattling around in my brain, but I will forage for those as they come to me.


Absolutely. Defaults for all clients in Settings → Server → Autoupdate clients and Settings → Client → Perform autoupdates silently.
As with other settings you can customize per client i.e. set all current OSes to update automagically, and Windows 7 to stay with what is working.