Looking for a Windows 7 compatible client's release

first of all, I’m italian so I apologize in advance if my english is not perfect. And I’m not touchy about it, so fell free to correct me!

I’ve just installed URBackup on a QNAP NAS and I’m starting to test it with our company’s computers.

I have the problem that some of this are still using Windows 7.
The only release avalaible on your site is the 2.5.21, that have not compatibility with this SO.

Since I cannot ask to change all the pc’s still using it, even if it will be done in the not too far future, I’m looking for a previous release of your client.
Searching in the forum I haven’t found a link to it, but people having similar problem said that the 2.4.11 was a working one.

Is there any place I can look for it?
Thank you in advance!

E.g. here: Index of /Client

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