Long term archiving

What would be the best approach for long term archiving of backups?
Right now all backups are stored on a folder path, and it will eventually fill up.
Is there way to move old backups to another path, so that path gets archived in some other way (rsync, etc)

There are archive settings, have you tried those? And backups should get deleted before they fill up your hard drive.

No, archive is just to tell urbackup to never delete theses.

One solution is multiple urbackup servers. Tell the client to backup everyday to live server, then sunday to archive server for example

my urbackup server runs on FreeNAS, I think if I create another urbackup server there it cause cause a lot of strain on the box, plus will be another thing to manage.
Also, there is the issue of colliding backups (first server in the middle of backup with clients, and second server now wants to do backup over first server). If that happens, the backup might not be consistent, i dont know.
Any other idea on how to do this? maybe some other app or some script that can be built.

Do monday saturday on one server, then sunday on the archive one. You would have single backup at the same time.

The client will not connect to two servers at the same time. I made a feature request for a metaserver in the hope to handle this kind of situation (archival) where one more than server is an option that could be handled more cleanly with i hope minimal additional dev time.

I didn t tried, but maybe try to use zfs as file store, then hack scripts with zsend around that.

In an ideal world what would be the exact workflow you would like to achieve? Duplicate all backups, only some, put them on a removable usb drive, then manually exchange it every week, put that on amazon?