Logs - Add filters for easier management


May I request a feature to be added please, if you find it to be useful in managing backups.

From the Log page, add filters to help view by client groups, or by tag…(tags maybe also a feature to be brought in.

We are having insane numbers of failed backups, and would like to be able to identify, and manage it faster, please.

Thank you in advance!

The "filter by fail, warning, success are already in place, but, I added this for a lack of better words. If there are more practical filter functions that can be added, please consider adding them.

Would be very beneficial if there was a “filter by client” function. Another very functional feature would be a “next” and “previous” button, to navigate through open logs. Especially if paired with filters like date, error type, backup state etc.

Would it be possible to add these functions?