Login with LDAP


I configured AD/LDAP and get a positive result when using the testing input fields with a user/password combination.

But: How can I login with users from AD? If I access http://IP:55414/, I just get an input field for a password - no username! Do I have to activate it somewhere?


Does working around this problem by adding another user work?

Yes indeed, it does! Now I get a login with username and password and I can login with the local test user and the users of the AD.

I created a backup on 2 different computers with the same AD user. Now, if I login with that AD account on UrBackup, I just see only the first backup of a client, not the second one. With the local users (both admins) I can see both.

Also, is it possible, that 2 different users on 1 PC can have different backup paths configured by themselfs without seeing each others at the Windows client? Currently, a different user on the same computer could delete the settings of an other user (by intention or not).

EDIT: I can see both backups! I was confused with the status page. There is still only the first PC listed, on the backup page are both backups available. The question with the backup paths configuration still remains.

Only an admin can change the settings. The users should be able to only access the files they have read access to. So backup something like C:\Users

Sorry I do not really understand what you mean. :slight_smile:

To be clear:

Is it possible, that user2 is not allowed to modify the paths of user1? It is preferred, that user2 is even not able to see anything what user1 has configured.

The user needs admin rights to access that dialog. So that user has permission to modify anything on that machine, including uninstalling UrBackup.

Now I understand what you mean.

But sorry, no. User2 does not have admin rights on that PC. To verify that, I open the device manager and get the following information:


“You are logged in as a standard user. […]”

However, User1 has admin rights on that PC.

To be more specific: Only users that can read "C:\Program Files\UrBackup\pw_change.txt" can access the dialog. On my machine for example, my user cannot read it, so I get an UAC dialog to change the paths. After elevation it can read it and proceeds to show the dialog.

If this doesn’t work as expected, you’d need to look into why… e.g. by looking at the permissions it sets on "C:\Program Files\UrBackup\pw_change.txt".

Also make sure to reboot after installation, because the tray icon runs as elevated user/admin directly after installation.

Yes, User2 without admin rights can not read the file and the permissions:

I rebooted the machine, but I can still change the settings with User2 without admin rights of User1 with admin rights.

UAC is disabled:

Okay, I enabled UAC again, rebooted the PC and now User2 without admin rights can not access the path dialog without entering a username/password with admin rights.

BUT: my goal is, that a user without admin rights CAN configure the paths to backup without seeing paths of other users without admin rights on the same machine.

I assume, thats not possible?