Log monitor for backup

I try to monitoring /var/log/urbackup.log for the keyword “ERROR” and got some good result. if the client backup failed or something wrong with the server I will know.

however if the client is missing and stop connect to server, there seems nothing in the log. can I make server to log error if the client didn’t backup on schedule?

thanks a lot for help!!

You could modify the alert script to log errors (with log(msg, LL_ERROR))

thanks a lot!! I will try to do that.

Hi uroni:

follow your suggestion. I just add one line below fail_mail:
log(params.clientname … " did not backup on schedule",LL_ERROR)

and it seems working fine.
would you consider add this to default alert script? maybe a configuration parameter to log like sending emails.

now we can monitor all kinds of errors via /var/log/urbackup.log. that’s great!!