Local File and Image Backups


I’m not sure if this has already been discussed/requested or is on the development road map but I believe a great addition that would make UrBackup a more complete solution would be the option/addition to backup locally at the client side (especially when using over-internet/remote server backup setup) for both file and image backups with reporting on the one remote web console.

it would be important to keep this client side backup separate from the settings/options of the remote server backup settings/options so if you want to do file backups to the offsite server but only image backups to a NAS on the client side it can be done independently and/or visa versa or to both.

I’ve only been testing/using UrBackup for a couple of weeks now but am really impressed with it GREAT JOB! and I’m really looking forward to the next major release with the new bootstrap web interface.