Local Disk Backups

Currently, we do backups to 2 different locations. We do more comprehensive backups, including images, to locally installed HDD and then we do critical backups to a central server for transferring to offsite storage.

What I want to know is if we were to use UrBackup, and want some of these backups to go to a locally installed HDD, would we have to install the UrBackup Server on each machine? If so, that means we lose the central configuration of the process, correct?

So either nobody else has this issue or nobody has a solution?


As i understand your problem is for syncing conf between servers.
I got the same issue, i hope it will be improved one day, but it s not that bad.

With recent stable version of urbackup it s very managable because you can use groups.
So you can change the setting of a group, this will change the setting of a lot of clients with the same setting at once
You don’t change the conf everyday (maybe often at the beginging, but that’s all).
If you make one mistake on one server, it s not replicatedon the other server.

If you need multiple servers :
That works well if the client is on the same lan than than the server
But if the server isnt on the same lan, you can only have one internet server by client (known bug)

Then you can have different retention and frequency set for each server (internet server backup less often, and doesnt do images backup, but keep data for very long for example, and local server can make multipel incremental per day and keep only one at the end of the day)

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That is not exactly my concern. Just to be clear, all servers have 2 backups:

  • One that goes to a local HDD
  • One that goes to a central backup point (a server we only use for backups)

It appears that we have to install the server and the client on every machine, so that we can’t see all backups except by looking at every machine.

What I want is to be to specify multiple backup storage locations for local backups, but all be controlled by one server, with many clients.


I too would like the ability for UrBackup to manage both client local (image/file backups) as well as offsite/server/internet backups. I backup clients over the internet using UrBackup but because of internet speed availability and the need for quick restore purposes like to have local backups and images as well. currently I’m using Veeam Agent for onsite but would like it to be available from a single panel in UrBackup

+1. Have been using Urbackup for clients to an internal hard drive. Are not stored offsite. Currently use Windows Backup to do image backups of 6 servers, each to it’s own portable hard drive. Urbackup would require 6 installations to do what Windows Backup is currently doing.

Was hoping that destination drive was a part of the Separate Settings For Client config. Isn’t that all that’s really missing?

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That’s not how peoples typically do backups. usually, you do not backup on the server itself, this provides no protection in case it crashes, but on a remote server. The only local backups are often a database dump or something like that.

Typically you have one backup server per site, with a large storage attached (previously tapes).
With the fast internet connections we have nowadays, it becomes possible to do remote backups directly, previously you were putting tapes in your car trunk on Wednesday.

Urbackup provides a way to support both local and remote backup without too much efforts. Additionally there s a technical limitation that for dedup to work, the backups have to be on the same filesystem.

Not if you use a secondary drive for the backups. We do multiple redundant backups. Yes, Internet connections are fast, but not fast enough for the huge amount of data that we want to backup. So we push only the most critical offsite (that’s still 2TB) and then we backup everything else to a local single HDD (which is even faster than the network and super cheap), one that is disposable and easily replaced.

I agree a simple field to allow for local USB HDD backups.
See Below.

This selection box would also be fantastic to add for file selections.

I find Urbackup great please add the above to make it awesome.

This would be a great option to make UrBackup a truly “hybrid” approach. The offsite/online backup makes it more of a disaster recovery system, while a local backup option is more like a traditional backup. The local attached storage is much faster than pulling data down from the cloud.

My typical backup solution on my desktop has been to back the SSD up to a local mirrored pair of HDD as an image. Then to backup the files on both the SSD and HDD to the server. That way if the SSD dies, I can throw in a new one, restore the image quickly of the local drive, or if the whole machine dies restore the HDD and then the SDD image and be back up slightly less quickly. I’d love for urbackup to be able to do this. Or even for that matter be able to copy my SSD to a second SSD for mission critical machines.

Well I can see here that there are a LOT a users like myself who want to be able to have a local backup device on their maschines be they client or server so that they COULD be restored quickly AND securely from a local removable drive. They could also be used for those who want to have an off-site backup that they rotate on their own schedule. This would protect them from theft which I did see at a customers site where the thieves took everything including the backup tapes. Then the owner started taking the most recent backup home each night :slight_smile: