Local and Internet backup - possible approach

I have the following scenario

  • One VM running Openmediavault as SMB / CIFS server for some Windows machines

  • This OMV VM has UrBackup client making backup to a local UrBackup physical server

This is working great !

Now I want to back up this same OMV VM on the Internet, but I don’t want to create special configurations on UrBackup clients or servers.

I changed OMV VM to share all SMB / CIFS content as NFS as well.

After that I created another VM and install UrBackup client on it, mounted the NFS shares and make backup of those shares to the Internet UrBackup server.

I did some testing with local and Internet backups and it seems to be working correctly.

Can anyone comment about this approach ?

Is there anything that can be wrong or improved ?

Thank you.


Ricardo Jorge