Live USB restore from server in a different subnet

Previously, I have been using urbackup live restore image 2.3.1 to restore PCs from a remotely connected location (via VPN) to a server in a different subnet (not through internet mode). In order to find the server, I would enter the server IP manually, then login with username/password and select image to restore. This worked great for these occurences.

I’ve recently tried live restore 2.4.1, and after the restore application fails to find a local server (expected), the only option is to choose an internet server. Is the previous option of manually pointing at a (non-internet) server no longer available? I also attempted setting up internet restore as a quick fix on the server, but was having auth issues (however I notice a point in the changelog for 2.4.2 was: ‘Fixed connecting to internet server’, so that may have been the issue).

UrBackup server 2.4.12
Windows Server 2019