Linux Images - Dattobd

I am trying to do image-based backups of a CentOS 7 system with Dattobd. I have searched the forums but wasn’t able to get a clear answer to the problem.

The Dattobd kernel module is working, and I have tested rsyncing a snapshot manually with “dbdctl”. However, the server UI still shows that image-based snapshots are not supported. Rereading the feature list on the homepage it states image-based snapshots are limited to Windows with NTFS.

Can someone clarify if the image feature is only for Windows at the moment, or if it works with the Dattobd kernel module on a CentOS 7 system with ext4?

Hi the image based backup will backup the ‘bits’ of the partition including free space (but not really), it like dd the partition, right now it ll only work on windows.
The dattodb, will allow you to backup as file, but somehow freeze them, it s bit more like using an lvm snapshot and backuping the files on the snapshot (but not really).
Dattodb is a workaround mainly for ext3/4 which won t support snapshots.

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