Linux Image Restore via Restore DC will not boot

I’ve got a linux client backup all set with the datto agent and filesystem and image backups have been working well. I tried a restore via the urbackup restore cd and it looks to restore with no errors.
When i try to reboot after the restore, the machine never boots it just hangs, no error or anything just sits there.
I’m assuming the C drive is the root drive and the SYSVOL is the boot drive?
Both restore without error. any ideas

Restoring the linux images with the restore cd is completely untested and probably won’t work.

Patches to make specific setups work are welcome though.

You might be able to use the specific partition restore option to manually restore certain volumes.

Is there any linux image restore procedures out there? i tried teh command line in the GUI and it doesn’t work because the linux host can’t update the running partition.

I’ve restored Linux machine (CentOS 7) few times from the backup and it worked without any issues. That was full + incremental backups. BIOS boot.

Probably some specific boot setup in your case?

I’ll try in centos. Also which option did you use for image backups datto or linux volume manager?
Did you restore via recovery CD or command line? My restore goes fine, but when the host reboots after it just hange shortly after power on. No error, not activity just sits there. I’m running in a vm on virtual box. Windows restores seem to work fine.

I’m using datto on series on Linux machines (all of them are CentOS 7, but with different virtualization or without it), with different set of volumes to be backed up (not in all cases it’s just C drive). I’ve used restoration via graphical interface using recovery CD on a blank new hardware/VM. All recoveries were done using incremental backups. There were some issues during recovery with DBs (MySQL), as DBs were inconsistent in some cases (but not corrupt), and I’m solving this by stopping DB intensive services before snapshot and enabling back after snapshot is done.

If I recall correctly in some cases I had to reinstall bootloader (BIOS legacy boots). Probably this is the issue you’re facing.

That worked. I used repair-boot-disk to rebuild the grub partition and the host booted fine.
Thanks for the tip.

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