Linux Image backup Process

New here and thinking of using this software.

I do have a question regarding the Linux Image backup process. As I understand UrBackup used dattobd to backup Linux images that are ext4.
Looking through GitHub - datto/dattobd: kernel module for taking block-level snapshots and incremental backups of Linux block devices, it has issues with Linux Kernel 5.10 onwards. Memory leakage.
It seems it has been discussed in topic #11465 and #10798

Both reference newer and more up to date driver
What is the correct way to adapt the newer driver? And is UrBackup thinking of adding that driver by default as it supports Kernel 6.0?

Is /usr/local/etc/urbackup/snapshot.cfg the only place that needs to be configured?

If the format isn’t changed just modify dattobd_create_snapshot and dattobd_remove_snapshot referenced by snapshot.cfg.

Patches would be very welcome urbackup_backend/linux_snapshot at dev · uroni/urbackup_backend · GitHub

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