Linux Image Backup - devmapper: What about /boot

I’ve been able to get a devmapper setup to backup the root partition using /dev/mapper/root-xxxxx but not using C. When I use C in the client’s image backup configuration I get:

2022-11-11 23:22:54: Started connection to SERVICE_COMMANDS
2022-11-11 23:22:54: ClientService cmd: #IqkA53FOhhwqlT413s4MW#FULL IMAGE letter=SYSVOL&token=DcxZ5KeE45bUrFil54ci&checksum=1&bitmap=1&status_id=21&running_jobs=1&zero_skipped=1
2022-11-11 23:22:54: Script “/usr/local/etc/urbackup/preimagebackup” does not exist
2022-11-11 23:22:54: Creating shadowcopy of “/dev/sda2”…
2022-11-11 23:22:54: ERROR: Creating snapshot of “/dev/sda2” failed
2022-11-11 23:22:54: ERROR: Snapshotting device /dev/sda2 via dm…
2022-11-11 23:22:54: ERROR: /dev/sda2 is not a device mapper device. Cannot snapshot via dm.
2022-11-11 23:22:54: done.
2022-11-11 23:22:54: Disabling CBT on volume “/dev/sda2”
2022-11-11 23:22:54: ERROR: Creating shadowcopy of “/dev/sda2” failed.
2022-11-11 23:22:54: ERROR: Creating shadow copy failed. See client log file for details.
2022-11-11 23:22:54: Sending full image done
2022-11-11 23:22:54: Removing running process (1) id 2 server_id 21 token DcxZ5KeE45bUrFil54ci action 3
2022-11-11 23:22:54: SERVICE_COMMANDS finished

So how do I either backup /boot which is mapped to /dev/sda2 or have it excluded when using C in the configuration?

Yeah, opened pandora’s box of Linux image backup. Might need help covering all the scenarios.

Do notice that backing it up is only half the problem. Restoring it would be another thing to cover.

Uroni - you’re correct. I’ve got two test boxes setup using device-mapper (one Debian, one Ubuntu 22.04) for testing device-mapper. I’ve also got one test box using dattobd - Ubuntu 20.04. The datto box backed up successfully using the ALL_NONUSB directive, in 30 days we’ll be testing restores of images and files for both Windows and Linux. I’ll update here with what I/we run into. So far from what I’ve seen, if you can get the dattobd code to work, it will generate the backup without issue. Device-mapper on the other hand, seems to be more problematic.

Now I’m running 3 Ubuntu 22.10 and so far no dattodb installer for this version it seems. So I’m falling back to devmapper. To properly configure the backup settings in a group, I cannot use C, but have to point to /dev/mapper/root-xxxx which is the same for all linux, right?