Linux/Debian12 live image backup

Hi folks,
I’m searching for a server client backup solution with a nice webgui for my home lab for a while and found urbackup. It seems to be an perfect match but unfortunately I cant get it working.

The core feature for me is an image backup. I have a Debian 12 host with cockpit and I want to run a few debian 12 virtual machines for services. However, I want to use lvm but I’m also fine with btrfs, UEFI would be fine but I can also install Bios. But whatever I do the Image path C is not translate into root. If I go with df -h and take path /dev/mapper/root… it makes a backup. But I´m not able to restore it. Does anybody has a hint for me how the machines hast to be created so that the image backup works?


I think each virtual machine should run urbackup client and root fs path is “/”. Check If you want to backup it from the host serwer use pre-backup script to make snapshot of /dev/mapper/… and backup that folder.