Linux clients, bare metal restore image

I’m new to UrBackup and have been recently researching backup systems that will allow me to take a bare metal image of my remote server (dedicated full rack) and store it on either cloud storage (private self-hosted preferably) or even better, on a backup server at home. also being able to bare metal restore via bootable media would be necessary. it seemed that UrBackup provides this, and so far, I’m still learning it. I have the client and server configured, the backup starts, goes for about 2 minutes and fails. every time. boot partition is msdos fat (set up by RHEL 8 installer) with lvm partitions/volumes for / and /home (swap partition as well which does not need to be backed up). file system of volumes is xfs. ports open on firewall for tcp and server side, port forwarding is enabled. the client and server do talk to each other but it stops with only a partial file backup and shows a failure, while showing 546 files/directories backed up and 100% done. not an image backup tho. the server is running RHEL 8 and home server host is win10. I’ve used the install script as well as compile the client. used preconfigured client script too. excludes are /tmp /proc /run … other than those I want a full DR BMR image.

is it possible to backup from outside the os, via bootable media that can connect with the server? this would be ideal for creating a full image in an offline state. any input regarding this would be great! thank you…

EDIT: I will provide log files when I can, but if I can do a full BMR image from boots me media, that would be good enough.

Would need log files but yes you can bare metal restore. I’ve recently tested this feature and it works wonderfully.

Hello, I am new to urbackup. And I have been task to do a bare metal backup/ retore using urbackup on centos rhel8.3. Can you walk me through this ?

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