Linux Clients - bad transfer after update

I updated Urbackup server to 2.5.xx few days ago. Exept windows clients for image backups I have two linux clients for making file backups, and I have problem with them. The clue is before update:

and after:

What should I do to to achieve old transfer speeds?

OK, now I think I know what causing bad transfer - it’s file hashing, or data transfer encryption, BUT,
even with turned off both options transfer isn’t faster than 30MBit/s

Clients working on Intel Atom, and while backuped processor usage is 100%, no less. So my theory is:
Encrytion doesn’t turn off even if turned off in options.

So, after a week not backuping data from that device, I have to ask:

Is it safe to downgrade Urbackup server to wersion 2.4, when I’m having all clients updated to version 2.5.19 or 2.5.20


Backups hit so hard processors beacause urbackup still calculating hashes on client side even if turned off