Linux client package?


I’ve just started using Urbackup and I’m impressed. One thing that I hope can be fixed in future version is a Linux client installation package. Right now it is a bit tedious to set up the development environment, cimpile, install etc. for each client.

It would be much easeir just to do
apt-get install urbackup-client or apt-get install urbackup-client-headless

Is this something that can be fixed in upcoming releases?



in beta there is a simple .sh installer for the linux client…

Ok thanks,

I’ll have a look at that. But I think the advantages with a regular package is that it aligns with all other software in regards to dependencies, updates etc.

The urbackup auto-update client seems a bit mysterious to me.

And here are Debian packages:

The standard Debian repositories are managed by Debian developers. You’ll have to create Debian bug. If it gets added there is up to the Debian project.