Linux Client no snapshot cant backup files

Hi, I 'm having loads of trouble with Linux clients and wonder if anyone could shed some light on this please.
My UrBackup server 2.5.32 is running in a docker container (uroni/urbackup-server:latest) on the same subnet and I have no issues what so all with my Windows clients, but I wasn’t able to get any Linux client running.

I went for the no snapshot option cause using the MDM caused loads of issues like borking Snap and my KVM manager.
Anyway, all I want is only a copy of my /etc and my /home files. Pretty simple.

But installing the agent and configure the filesystems with
urbackupclientctl add-backupdir -x -f -d /etc

it’s failing and all I see is tons of errors like
Error opening file “/backups/hostname/240306-1956/.b68xO+K9SCOF35cLk4Bf9Q/4” from pipe for reading ec=2
and the backup finished with error and 0 files inside.

I have tried that with 5 VMs Ubuntu 2204 2404 and Debian11 Debian12 all the same behaviour.
I don’t believe that’s a client error since it seems working for so many, so maybe I miss something important.

Thanks if anyone can help me here.

ec 2 (I presume) means error code 2. In standard C errno.h include file states that error code 2 means “No such file or directory”.
As a matter of interest, try using the web interface to specify your desired items to be backed up instead of urbackupclientctl. I suggest this because MAYBE some permissions that you had when running urbackupclientctl “vary/differ” with what the server would do.

The folder name “.b68xO+K9SCOF35cLk4Bf9Q” starts with a dot and therefore is a hidden file…maybe this is an issue.
Also, I don’t know what the “no snapshot” option does BUT, its possible - that between the time of creating the index and begining the backup - the file “4” in the folder has been removed. Maybe /backups/hostnamewhatever/YYMMDD-HHMM/folder
However I too use a docker container for the server and it creates a “bk” and a “db” directory - in the “bk” is hostnamewhatever/YYMMDD-HHMM/stuff.

The error you are getting (I assume) is referring to the client ?
You can verify this by creating a script in etc/urbackup/postfilebackup that does a find of /backups and redirects its output to somewhere.
(See manual chapter 6 for script names and when the are executed).

SOrry, that’s all I can think of.