Linux Client does not backup mountpoints (anymore?)

Hi there,

I have some confusion about my recent experience with UrBackup - maybe you can point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

I am using UrBackup to backup my Linux VMs file based. As initial configured I’ve put a “/” in default backup locations.
So everything will be backed up, i thought.

Last week I was proven wrong while I needed to restore a crashed system
from backup (thankfully nothing got lost):

While browsing the backup I noticed some directory were empty, which are mountpoints on the system - so they haven’t been backed up?!

Other backup servers show same behaviour, also no backup of files in mountpoints?

Strangely I checked my backups and found old 2020 backup from files where there are files in those directories!

I am sure that I haven’t changed the default backup locations settings since setup…

I tried to check the manual about that, but there is only an example for Windows systems. On windows you need to specify all drives of course, but on Linux?

Thanks in advance!

If you backup via snapshot on Linux it doesn’t “follow” mountpoints (and create snapshots of them), so you’d need to add each mountpoint separately.

This isn’t nice (or can lead to data loss…). Work to change this is needed…