Link a Tape Library in Urbackup



Can i use network tape library as a drive in urbackup



No that won’t work.

I wish there were something like this so i could use an amazon glacier vtl. But the way files are being written/accessed, just won’t work.
Also there 's no tiered storage as well.

That said , unless you have a very special need, like 10 years retention legal archiving, tape isn’t that good.
Some wil say it’s cheap, i say it s a nightmare to manipulate and manage lost/corrupt tapes in backup chains. So you need a robot and that’s costly as hell. If you don’t need a robot, you’re not at a point you need tapes either.


If there is enough demand for it I’d add it to the appliance. It already has archival to S3.


Thanks Orogor, yes that is the requirements of my customer can i add a plugin type to use it in the urbackup



I am not even sure how that would work with urbackup storage.

Because of pricing, glacier need to be managed doing as few requests as possible (bulk upload/download), in that sense it kind of behave like tapes.

Also because of pricing, peoples might want to be able to chose restore speed.

I am unsure you can properly store stuff like symlink/hardlink, or if thin files are managed.

The way pricing is computed actually needs to be taken care of because else it can end up being as or more expensive than S3.


I am aware of all of this.


Is this only about VTL or Physical tape library also.
First copy to disk and second copy to physical tape looks fine. As most of the customers are asking for this.
But not sure if it works as we have de-duped data in disk.


Thanks mate

I am using fasso backup tool to upload the data to tape library and restore it and it’s working fine, thanks for Ur support