Let's Encrypt for Windows Server

Does anyone have a quick tutorial on how they were able to get Let’s Encrypt working with UrBackup on a Windows Server?

I’m familiar with Let’s Encrypt on Linux (intermediate), but I’m not sure where to begin on Windows. A quick lesson would be awesome. Thanks community!

I use win-acme on one of my windows servers to maintain Let’s Encrypt certificate and it works just fine, however I use it for something different, not UrBackup. But I think you should get it working without any issues.

Awesome, thanks for the find!

I was wondering if you were able to get Lets Encrypt function with urbackup via win-acme?

I found a tutorial on how to get IIS working as a reverse proxy to sit infront of urbackup. LetsEncrypt has a few GUI based applications like CertifyTheWeb that can directly configure IIS with certificates.

I have IIS listening on the regular https port (443) and redirects unbeknownst to the user to the proper UrBackup port. Certifytheweb uses Namecheap DNS api to verify the name, issues a cert, and then applies it automatically.