LDAP User missing email notification capabilities


I’ve created a local user, give him a privilege on a client and setted up the email.
In this way the user could correctly receive the email when the job is finished.

I’ve then enabled the ldap auth and then created the user.
On the ldap class map righs i’ve configured: user==>lastacts={AUTOCLIENTS},progress={AUTOCLIENTS},status={AUTOCLIENTS},stop_backup={AUTOCLIENTS},start_backup=all,browse_backups=tokens,logs={AUTOCLIENTS}

Now i’ve lost the ability to enable the email notification per user: the report section of the web inteface tell me i’ve first created a user (but i’m logged with the ldap user created also local).
Is it a know bug of ldap auth code (yes i’ve read the disclaimer that is a beta quality code) ?

Thx in advance

I replay with a workaround to myself: Add a new local user (which should not be exist on ldap directory) and grant him permission to a particular client (the one connected also to a ldap user account).
In this way it’s possibile to set the email report just for this client and just for the user(s) of it.