LDAP and assigning AUTOCLIENTS

My network admin asked me to help him with configuring users through the Web interface. The issue he was having is that the users were only able to see 1 computer listed for most of the tabs. We finally found out how to get it to work, and possibly found a bug in the system. I don’t have the full string we used, but here is the format we originally had:

After testing we discovered that it was only seeing the first item, I assume that is because {AUTOCLIENTS} provides a comma delimited list which means it’s seeing the remaining items as a new group (status, lastacts, etc.). We tried using 2 comma delimited ID’s encapsulated by quotes, but it was only displaying the second item. In the end we came up with a setup that worked:

From what I can tell using the quotes tells the system that it’s an array, but if you only use “{AUTOCLIENTS}” it won’t display the first item in the list. It’s possible that when the system parses the data it ignores the first item, (probably looking for item 1 in an array that begins with 0), which is why we added the 0, to the beginning.

Sorry if this is a bit jumbled and/or out of place, let me know if I’m not making any sense and I’ll check back later.

Does it only show the DC computer? If yes, you should try the beta client (and run full backups to reset the info).