Latest suported version for raspberry pi 1 model b+

Hello all, realy nice tool you have here. Just found it today, and have tried it on my rasp pi 1 model b. Tried latest version 2.0.30, installs just fine but web gui doesnt work(service is running), so reinstalled to Its working but its a bit outdated. So my question here, is it any way to run latest version on my pi? thank you

Which OS do you use and did you check the logs?

its latest:
Release date:2016-05-27
Kernel version:4.4

As far as i remember logs were empty or i didnt find it

Which package did you install?

This one:

Now im on

That one is for Debian armhf (ARMv7). That’s why it says

UrBackup Server 2.0.30 Debian/Ubuntu jessie+/14.10+ armhf (rpi2+)

on the download page.

Yes i did noticed that. So this means that latest supported for 1b+ is am i right? there are no other armhf versions available, at least i didt find any

Yes, see here:

Thank you!