Keeping Server Updated Using Debian?

We have been using Ubuntu for UrBackup server by adding the uroni/urbackup PPA. This keeps us running the latest server version through regular apt update/upgrade routines.

I would like to change from Ubuntu to Debian and don’t seem to find a way to keep the backup server current without manually downloading/updating. Is there a more automated way to keep a Debian/UrBackup installation current?

Maybe it is not considered best-practice to update the backup server without checking integrity manually…?


I personally have had a few fails upon updating, so I prefer to just manually update every few months.

Best I could think of for a better solution would be to write a script to check the download server once per day for a new version. The files/directories are all browsable, so you can just hit up the appropriate path for a file listing, scrape the version numbers and look for a higher number than you currently have.
I’m not really a programmer, but this shouldn’t be too hard to achieve in BASH, Python, PHP or probably most scripting languages available today.