Just backup users document folder

Hi Guys,

What i need to do is only backup a users documents folder using a wildcard.
i.e. c:\users%username%\documents

What is the correct filepath used in urbackup to backup these folder only?

I did have a look through the documentation but it isn’t very clear on this.

thanks in advance.

Thanks for the link, but i’ve already been looking at that document and it doesn’t really explain it very well

this bit
“Additionally to the standard wildcard(”*") which matches every character you can use “:” which matches every character except the path separator (/ or ).
If you backup e.g. the C:\Users path and want to backup all document directories you can use the pattern


That way e.g. Users\Foo\Other\Documents would not be backed up."

Kinda tells me how a users “Documents would not be backed up”

I have tried using “Users:\Documents” but it doesn’t actually backup the users documents folders.

A deeper explanation of just how to backup users documents folders on windows machine’s would be handy.
Whats the correct syntax for urbackup?


From what I have read, it seems to only back up files; seems to be that you would use this if you only wanted the documents from a folder and nothing else.

Seems to be more of what you are looking for when backing up the User’s folders; you would use this to back up all the folders you want. However, you’d have to put the full path, or - I am assuming - wildcard it.

What the documentation says will work:

C:\Path\To\The\Folders|If you want to name it something
C:\Users\John Doe\Documents|John's Files;C:\Users\Mary Sue\Documents|Mary's Files

What I am assuming will also works:

C:\Users\*\Documents;C:\Users\*\Downloads | or | C:\Users\*\Documents|User Documents;C:\Users\*\Downloads|User Downloads

You can either set that globally, or by each client - helpful if you are backing up servers on the same machines; however, the second option I have not tested yet (referring to the wildcard).

Thanks for your reply,
I will try the wildcard you mentioned. I’m pretty sure I have already tried

and it didn’t work but will try again and see what happens. I’m only really looking at backup up users documents folders and have something else in place for the servers so don’t need to worry about them.

As you mentioned in your first comment, I would use a direct path but obviously everyone’s username is different so can’t use c:\users\john\documents
since then it would only backup his documents on computers his profile is active on, where what i really want to do is backup everyone’s user documents folder. Everyone obviously having a different username.

thanks again.

What I will say for the moment is that I am getting almost the results I am wanting from just backing up the filepath

then making sure i add everything i don’t want backed up in the exclude items section, i.e. telling urbackup not to backup appdata, desktop, contacts, downloads, favourites, etc. etc.

Plus i am also excluding generic user folder such as Administrator, Public etc.

Seems to be working but seems like a lot more work than just using a wildcard to make sure only the documents folder is backed up for users on all machines.