Junctions instead of symbolic links for current backups?

The “current” folder is linked to the folder containing the current backup for a client via a symbolic link.

This works fine as long as I am trying to access that links on that machine locally.
Trying to access the drive as a network share doesn’t work though as the symbolic link can’t be followed.

Strangely junctions (which from my understanding provide a very similar - if not the same functionality, but for folders, instead of files) work perfectly even when accessing from network.

Is there any specific reason you chose symbolic links instead of junctions for linking the current folder? If not - may i suppose changing them to junctions so that backups can be opened remotely, too.

This is of course only a very minor inconvenience but maybe the solution is quite simple without breaking anything? :?:

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Okay. Didn’t know there was a difference between Junctions and symlinks.

Symlinks have a simple API call, while createing junctions is somewhat undocumented. I think I managed it, however. Will be in the next version with symlink fallback.

it would still be better, when the “current” link were a relative link and not using an absolute path !