January 2024 - Missing Pre and Post Backup Scripts

Hi, since January 2nd I have not received any confirmation emails from the 3 raspberry pi4 that I have. I have searched for information in the forums and I can only find a thread with no answer.

Missing Pre and Post Backup Scripts

I don’t know if it only happens on raspbian or also on other versions.
I have tried to look for the scripts in the system inside the urbackup folder of the server and the clients and they don’t appear.

If I go to the logs folder and edit the script below, the one I modified to translate the received emails is there, but it worked fine until January 2nd.

If you can notify me if it is an error and if there is a way to regenerate or copy the scripts so that the copy notices work again.

Thanks for your work

up… anybody can help me?¿?