Jail expanding too fast

jail has Urbackup server
Jail has attached storage that is the main set of data
Source: /mnt/data/UrbackupData
Destination (in jail): /mnt/UrBackupData

Urbackup server “Backup storage path”: /mnt/UrBackupData

Trying to figure out why the jail is filling up super fast.

I think what happened was the backup data volume is an encrypted volume, which requires a password on reboot. There was a power outage, so data volume became inaccessible but the jail restarted itself and I think Urbackup created the backup storage path inside the jail (/mnt/UrBackupData ).

For a test, manually creating a folder in the jails /mnt/UrBackupData does show that it’s created in /data/ but I think as backups are running they’re storing data inside the jail

Any thoughts of a best way to try and get out of this predicament and get Urbackup to start writing to the data volume instead of the jail?

I always save backups in a sub-folder below the mount point for this reason.

So /mnt/UrBackupData/backups instead of /mnt/UrBackupData. UrBackup won’t complete startup before /mnt/UrBackupData/backups is present.

Ok, so that folder should always exist?
That folder isn’t there, and backups are actively running atm.

/mnt/UrBackupData/urbackup/ (urbackup database) is 52GB

The jail size (as viewed from freenas web interface) is 700+GB and growing at 1GB/day.
There were ZFS snapshots…but I’ve deleted all those that I could (except the default one you can’t delete - the other snapshots in this view are from the primary data array)

Where might I start looking to find where all the space is going?

Thx for any ideas!