It is possible to schedule the time of the backup?


I want to schedule the backup queue at the time I want according to needs, is this possible in urbackup server? Any file exists for this?


You can use a time window to restrict the backup to the time you want it to run. I don’t think there is a way to specify an exact time unless maybe you would run a Cron job or a Windows task on the endpoint that started the endpoint service at the time you wanted it to run. I think it checks when it starts to see if it should run.

The backup schedule time only effects the start time, so if you restrict backups to a 1 hour window, it will start them around that hour…

I’m not sure if max simultaneous backups needs to be large enough to fit all the machines if you do this - I only ever tested a short window when we still only had 2 machines being backed up, and max simultaneous was allowing both to back up.