Issues Starting New Backup


I’m new to the realm of UrBackup for starters. I have the server set up and I currently have 1 client set up. I have went through the various configuration settings and chose what to backup and what to disregard. The server can see the client but I cannot seem to figure out how to trigger a backup to actually take place. I set my backup to run at a specific time but the client still says “no current backup”. Is there a “backup now” option I’m missing somewhere or is there some critical setting I’ve missed to enable the backups on this client?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


My client icon is also red but the server console sees the client and reports that the client is online. I think I’ve that I’m missing a section of option when I right-click my client icon in the system tray. At the top, in the available actions, I should have a “Do full file backup” and “Do incremental file backup”. I do not have those 2 options, “Settings” are at the very top of available actions.


If you do not enable “Allow client-side starting of incremental/full file backups|” on the server the client won’t be able to start backusp.

Also check that the client is really connected and that you don’t have a blue hint box on the status screen (or that if you enable the status column on the status screen that it shows “ok” ).


On the server, under Settings - General - Permissions: all options are checked, “allow client-side starting of full file backups” is checked/enabled.
On the client status: I do not have a blue hint box but I also don’t see “OK” anywhere on the status screen. I see “Idle” and “Internet connection status: No Internet server configured”. Which I think that should be fine because all really want to do now is local in-network backups.
There server stills sees the client and the "last seen time is only a minute or two behind. The “online” status also shows “yes”.


Sorry. Meant the server status page. “Use show/hide columns” to enable the status column.


Ok I’m following you. I enabled that Status column and it show “ok” for that client.


Sorry you are having issues. To solve the problem the server and client (debug) log would be useful.
If possible, could you post it or send it?

This post describes how to change the client and server to debug logging, where it is stored and where to send it to if posting is not possible: Having problems with UrBackup? Please read before posting



I apologize for not reading those logs first. I know I’m being the “don’t read the instructions, just panic” cliche. Come to find out my server did not have the appropriate access to the shared backup folder it needed. It could not create the appropriate subfolders for my client so no jobs could be completed.
Now that the rights have been configured properly, my client is now “indexing”, preparing to backup and I have all of the “do backup” options available when I right-click my client icon in the system tray.
Thank you very much for your help and guidance.


Weird, it should show that on the status page also. Except if it can create sub-folders but not sub-sub folders or something.


I’ve discovered a new issue but I don’t think it’s stopping the progress of backups being created. On the server interface screen, I’m receiving err_cannot_create_symbolic_links (code:4390).
I’m assuming this has to do with the OS on my QNAP NAS.
Do you happen to know which version of NFS will resolve this issue?
Thanks again!