Issue with robocopy on backed up folders

I run a monthly full backup of all my devices, and every night i do instrumentals, i then robocopy a whole drive to a backup drive inserted daily, but i just noticed that folders that have not changed in an incremental have a little shortcut icon on it, and therefore are not robocopied to the backup drive,i have a screenshot of the issue, if someoen wants me to email it the them of two folders that have the icon and that are not copied over with the robocopy, can someone advise what these folders are ? or where i can find where they point to so i can inclued them in the robocopy ?

When a folder is unchanged between backups, the default behavior of Urbackup is to create a symlink to the directory already on the server. This causes the shortcut icon to appear.
It seems like robocopy doesn’t follow symlinks; can you post the exact command you use to launch robocopy?

Hi here is my robocopy batch script

robocopy E:\ F:\ /MIR /sl /R:3 /w:3 /xj

It copied all the data from drive E to drive F which contains my backup folder

Here is your problem: you specified the /sl option; it tells robocopy not to follow symlinks, and to copy them instead.
This article explains how UrBackup handles directories which are unchanged between backups:

thanks for the help! i have removed that option in my script to see if that helps!

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Hi thanks for the advice, i removed that option from my robocopy command but it still didnt copy ?

Sorry for the late reply.
It’s quite strange. What happens if you try to copy the backup folder manually?