Issue with client permissions / settings once in a groups


  • NAS QTS v5.1 (AMD x64)
  • Server v2.5.31

We have a few clients, we dont want “Add/Remove backup paths”, when there are no groups this appears to work, once we add a group i cant seem to get this to work so need help understanding this.

Settings “Allow client-side changing of the directories to backup

  • Settings > Permissions NO CHECK
  • Settings > [selected group] > “reset” has a LOCK
  • Settings > [selected group] > Permissions NO CHECK (and a LOCK)

So the client CAN NOT add more paths? well they can, so how do the group permissions work (yes the client IS in this group).

Just updated to v2.5.32, this may have been fixed as the group policy now appears to have been taken by the client, anyone able to confirm this?