Issue with Bare Metal Restore GPT (need some help)


Im a little stuck:
Got full image backup on windows server 2012r2. Restoring by restore cd produce “error writing gpt” with no other info.
I tried to assemble disk image to restore machine “that way” but on gpt systems its no working. I tried to use just main partitions without sysvol/esp convert to mbr and start machine that way. Few hours later i gave up. Any advice how to try to restore that machine? its VM so both urbackup restore and properly working VHD will work for me

Issue fixed, the system got one extra “ghost” partition which had 180GB raw, it went to disk image and error what because there was not enough space

As a feature request i feel when restore client failed it should be possibility to check “error log” because i discovered error only because i started restore-mbr manually and saw error code