Issue with 2 backup servers causing slower backup to fail

I have 2 urBackup servers running, one is in a VM and is somewhat slower than the other.

I have found that when it takes a full backup of a particular client (roughly 80G data) it gets part way through the backup when the other server connects to the client. The new server seems to take priority and the original backup fails:
|Errors|02/03/22 11:29|Error getting complete file “NE5GH580TONJltNAbSgm|Development.T/Angular_CLI…” from Anubis.
Errorcode: BASE_DIR_LOST (7)|
|Errors|02/03/22 11:29|Client Anubis went offline.|
|Errors|02/03/22 11:31|Error getting file metadata. Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)|

the time stamp coincides with the end of the second (successful) backup.

running 2.4.13 on server and 2.4.11 on the clients

Is there anything I can do to stop this? Apart from shutting down the other server while the first takes its full backup?

regards David N

Are you sure that the slower system will back up successfully if it is only handling one job?

At a glance, it seems to be a resource issue with either the VM itself, or the host it is running on, from a networking perspective.

What are the specs of the servers?