Issue when saving settings

I have a weird issue (bug?) when saving settings.
I save settings in alerts with an interval image to 8, and the email. When I save for a second time within any place in “general”, it reverts to default; the interval image to 3, the email is empty, “add important tag…” unchecked and “send ok mail after backup goes to ok” checked. The interval for file backup is ok (stays saved with 5), and alert script I’m not sure because I didn’t make/change any new script.
It also happens when you are saving settings for a client or group.

Logs doesn’t show anything.
I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 (x86), and Urbackup 2.2.11.

Thanks for the bug report. I think this is fixed with server 2.3.x ( Server 2.3.1 beta/Client 2.3.0 beta )

Glad to help.
Anyway I’m scripting an alert to use with zabbix. In the logs it shows:
ERROR: Error running lua script: ?:-1: attempt to call a nil value (field 'fail_mail')

Could be related to the same bug? Double checked that the script doesn’t have any field or something called fail_mail.

This looks like you are calling a function fail_mail() which you did not define.

I’d use 2.3.x to develop that anyway. I changed (improved) the HTTP functionality and added logging there. See the pulseway script for usage.

I can confirm that 2.3.1 beta had fixed the bug.
I’ll now see to script alerts to zabbix and debug it.

note: I reinstalled urbackup server into a Debian 9 64bit.