Issue: Slow server performance while UrBackup is running


I noticed that UrBackup will cause slow down on a file server while backing up.
The transfer throttle is already limited at 4 Mbps, but disk I/O is really high at 90-100% disk activity.

The server is a Windows 2008 R2 server, and Backup location is NTFS compressed.

Is there a way to limit disk I/O rate on server side?


Are your OS and backup data store on the same volume? What volumes do you have and what RAID levels are you using?


I have a SAS RAID-5 setup for OS + user group files access and An 2 TB SATA for less important storage; The 2TB SATA has some files and UrBackups on it, and Urbackup server takes a lots of disk activity on the SATA drive if the speed limit is not low enough.

What kind of backup are you performing? Is backup in background enabled? (It is by default)

It’s a file backup; can be full or incremental backup I guess.
Background backup on client side? Yes I enabled that.

Weird, then. Could it be the virus scanner, for example?

I have Symantec Endpoint Protection installed; but I am not seeing any virus scanning activity in Windows Resource Monitor…

Symantec is likely causing your issues. It scans everything, which can cause high disk utilization. Can you try disabling it on just the backup folder for UrBackup?

It seems the Windows Search Index store and Urback stored on the same SATA drive is causing the issue. Last night, I moved the Indexes to SAS array, this seems helps.