Issue restoring Sage 50 from backup (sai/saj & cab)

We are having a strange issue recovering sage 50 files. We have both sai/saj and .cab backup files in urbackup under full and incremental backups but none work cleanly and crash Sage 50. From the same backups we’ve extracted whole virtual windows machines and 25 gb sql databases.

Is there something different about these sage files? Anything we can do to fix the issue?

Sage 50, isn’t that an accounting software?

Would not be surprised if just copying would not work for security reasons. Accounting information is probably something you want a descent security for, but I could be wrong.
I would ask in a forum for that software on how to make backups and restore them first. Maybe there are checksum files somewhere that has to be a match for the files.

Yes, it’s an accounting software.

Both the CAB (compressed backup file similar to rar or zip) and the actual working files (SAI and SAJ) are corrupt when restored from URbackup. It’s odd, same exact system can extract a 900GB VHDX file or sql file without issue, but these Sage files get corrupted.

The exact same files when pulled from other sources work without issue (Except for the latest file which we need and wasn’t copied to other sources by the users).

Was hoping it was a bit of a known issue and there was a fix wtih exporting/uncompressing the backup from urbackup in a specific way.

I know there is a size limit to how big the zip files can be, not sure how big but not very. Less than 5gb IIRC. A direct restore to your client should not be affected by size afaik.
We are talking file backups and not image backups here correct?

Image backups and the files are only 50-60mb, quite small really.

I guess with the cab files you can check with e.g. 7-zip if they are corrupted on the server?

What kind of server are you using? I guess you are not using CBT?

We are using a windows server, and have a large pool of drives attached that URBackup writes to.

For this backup client, we have image backups enabled, not file.

I am not sure about CBT, how would I check that?

In about it would show the version as -cbt plus a button to show CBT status.

You should be able to mount the image backups on the server and check.

No, we don’t have CBT enabled, or licensed.

I am at such a loss, why Urbackup has failed (and also what accounting person doesn’t make their own backups for safe keeping).

There’s no manual extraction we could run that would be more thorough than using the web client or bootable ISO?

Reason I was asking about CBT was because that’d add a few more points of failure which don’t exist without CBT.

But even without that there are many failure points and there is insufficient information so far to narrow this down further.