Is there any meaning to "incremental backups" on a purely Windows setup?

I just started using UrBackup, lovely solution!

I’m running it as a backup on a local Windows machine from my SSDs to a large HDD drive, so the client and servers both run on the same desktop PC. I noticed that when I do an “incremental backup”, it just seems to copy all the files from the original folders to the destination under a new subfolder for every new backup session.

I can start with:

Then after a second incremental backup I’ll just get:

With the same content as the original backup. So essentially I just have a duplicate rather than an incremental system.

Is there any meaning to incremental backups on a fully windows setup?
Or maybe I’m missing something with how this works?

I think I was mistaken as I see now the new incremental backups are actually links to previous ones rather than full copies