Is there any manual of how works new 2.5.x settings?

Since update some installations to 2.5.x, I am experiencing a lot of problems with client settings and backup paths.
For example:

  • I have 2.5.19 cbt client in wich I defined some paths to backup (folders).
  • I didn´t make any change, and suddenly all my paths dissapears. The small icon that informs about current settings has changed from “lock” to “highway” and I can´t change it.
  • In server side, I didn´t make any change on this client, however it appears with the * in their name like I had changed something on it.

¿How can I reset it to default behavior?
¿Why dissapear backup paths in client?

I think this is a mess. Is there any documentation or something else about how this works??

Thank you so much.

I agree. What is the difference when in a group setting ‘Using setting from group’ (the lock) vs ‘Using setting configured here’ (the home)? Shouldn’t changing the GROUPS settings be both the same thing?

I think the idea is that you can have group settings applied and then override some of them for a specific machine.

but when modifying a group, not a client, the option is available as well. Are groups in groups?

Again - I think, but not sure - this will copy the settings from default. Just don’t touch them when editing group :slight_smile:

thanks, that seems to be the case… all other groups are in the ‘Default’ group

I think that, Instead of make supositions of how it works, it would be nice a little update to the documentation to explain it.
It´s only a suggestion to avoid missunderstandings.