Is there any good Backup software for Windows 10 Laptop?

Sir, I have Seagate external HDD, how to backup windows 10 of my personal files?

You are asking a good question.
UrBackup is an excellent product, with excellent service. But your case seems less likely to be needing full services like this offered by UrBackup. I will leave for the pro’s to answer, but I don’t think you will be using this, unless you have a server running too.
This is a TOP backup application and service. You can surely read the documentaion and get some more info on the requirements etc.

Is there a list with minimal system requirements?

What are the minimum requirements (Hardware and Software)

I know this does not answer you, but I hope it guides you to a better understanding.


Use Veeam Agent.

Unless you’re backing up at least a network of computers Urbackup is overkill for you

then which is the good for my personal use. single computer.

I think Windows has something included.

As long as it is just a file backup then you may also try Duplicacy (GUI version) or Arq Backup.