Is there any extended linux client documentation

Hello there. Help needed.
I’m in love with URBackup, it’s really cool backup system. I set it up on windows servers and now want to backup some linux clients, but i can’t find any clear documentation.

Linux comands? Logs? URBackup events?

Where can i find some more information about?

TY in advance.

I can’t get the Linux GUI client to work in the newer versions of Gnome which removed their tray functionality,
urbackupclientctl --help
should help get you started doing File backups from the command line.
Also, make sure you have urbackupclientbackend running; I put mine in my crontab.

The beta versions 2.5 and higher are supposed to support Linux image backups, but I still can’t get Linux image backup to work.

I’m also interested in Linux image backups but found no information when it will be supported. Only many old topics which explain that it is only supported on Windows systems.

In 2.5.y. Help testing: