Is there a way to disable deduplication

I want to know if there is a way so i can disable deduplication on urbackup server. I need to transfer my backup to a storage that have its own compression and deduplication system so i need to disable urbackup deduplication.

UrBackup already understands and supports several advanced filesystems for back-end storage, so it’s unlikely you need to disable anything. For example, in addition to conventional Windows NTFS (with OS-integrated deduplication and compresssion in later Microsoft releases) and similar options under Linux, there is support for ReFS under Windows, BTRFS under Linux, and ZFS under BSD.

Don’t decide on the solution before understanding the problem. Tell us what you actually need to do and we’ll try to help you find the best way.

We want to buy a dell emc DD6300 backup storage. We use Urbackup as a backup software and the manufucter says that the DD6300 deduplication is efficient when you diasble the deduplication from your software backup and let the storage to make the deduplication off your backup.

UrBackup deduplicates only whole files, so you’d still get the benefits of block/chunk-level deduplication.

Usually the whole file deduplication also helps, because it is faster to link a file, than to write the file again and let the dedup system search for duplicates.

How are you planning on using this, via cifs, nfs, iSCSI? Can you report back on how well it works?

Hello uroni!! I am finaly trying Urbackup on DD6300 with boostf but when i change the Backup storage path on urbackup i get the error

Can access /
Cannot access /mnt. Code 0
Cannot access /mnt/newnfs. Permission denied (code: 13)
Cannot access /mnt/newnfs/urbackup. Permission denied (code: 13)

i have set the folowing rights but the problem cosnist

drwxrwxrwx. 3 urbackup urbackup 158 Oct 18 18:32 newnfs
drwxrwxrwx. 2 urbackup urbackup 101 Oct 18 18:32 urbackup

Hello i find the problem it was on boostfs filesystem settings.