Is there a way to change the date format in the web interface?


alert(new Date(2013, 9, 25).toLocaleDateString());
Returns 10/25/2013

alert(new Date(2013, 9, 25).toLocaleDateString(“en-AU”));
Returns 25/10/2013

System locale is “en-AU”, and apparently my browser sends “Accept-Language en-GB,en-AU;q=0.5”.


Ah ok, so it does work as intended. You need to fix the locale the browser uses.

The thread was about it using DD/YY/MM in Australia, something totally wrong…


I’ve done a clean install of Ubuntu. According to “”, my “navigator.language: en-AU”.

But still getting the backwards dates. It works fine if I change var lds = y.toLocaleDateString(); to var lds = y.toLocaleDateString(navigator.language); in the urbackup functions js file. This should work for Chrome and Firefox, but may break in IE.