Is there a list with minimal system requirements?

I need minimal requirements for a document :face_with_monocle:


I do not think there s anything like that.
So peoples close to your setup could tell what works for them, but you d need to tell your setup.

In the normal case, urbackup is more io bound than anything else, so the more io you can get the better.

It s not too much cpu hungry for file backup, like 1 cores 10/file backups at a time +1
for image backup it s more 1/2-1 core per image at a time.
These are for backup running at the same time, not total client backuped.

If you backup like 1-2 computers, some peoples do that on a raspberry pi or nas (must be super slow but it’s cheap and quiet).

i backup about 200 client per server, each clients on 2 different servers, maybe 30 of these have image backups enabled.
i do that on 6 sas drive in raid 6, urbackup peaks at 30gb of ram (no idea why, usually it s happy with 4-8gb)
i backup about 20-30 client at a time 3 times per day.
The images are full once per 2 month and incremental once per week.

Disk usage is about:
the full takes the space of a full and an incremental 1/10 of a full.
For mail server and whatever has a lot of small file the metadata can quickly take as a much space as the backup itself.

File transfert is like
Basically you need 1GB or 100MB. 10MB would lead to multi day backups (some peoples tried).
A full will need to transfert a full, but unless is the first will take the on disk space of an incremental
An incremental will need to transfert an incremental.
There s also some magic involved, that if the file already exists, even on another server it will not need to be transferred. But will still need to take some space unless it s for the same client

In the advanced tab you have some setting to do stuff like backup only the modified parts of a file, effectively trading bandwith for cpu (default for internet clients).

Also the best setup network wise is to have all clients on the same local network than the server (defined as can do udp broacasts). To achieve this , you can give the server an ip on each network (multiple ip per nic). Port requirement and whatnot is in the doc.

That’s all i can think of and i may be 0-100% wrong on 0-100% of that :).
Again, the best way, tell what you need to backup/ how often. Someone with with a similar setup may tell what he has.

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