Is really neccessary to make full file backups periodically wiht BTRFS storage?



I am using BTRFS filesystem to store my backups. Is really neccesary to make full file backups with this filesystem, and why? Which is the best practice for this? If the snapshooting mechanism of Urbackup is working fine in conjunction with BTRFS subvolumes, really I don´t need to make a full file backup never except first time, is this correct? Or it is recommended anyway to make full file backups every few days?

Thank you so much for this amazing software.



In theory, you don’t. In practice, a full allow to recheck everything and won’t use more space than an incremental.
Also 1-2 years ago, there were bugs wich were only fixed in the next full, i think not that far ago permissions were changed only on a full backups.
So i personnaly make a full every 60 days … in case of.