Is it supposed to take 6 years to backup 1 GB of data?

This is what I’m getting now:

And this is an excerpt from the log:

|01/28/18 09:18  |DEBUG  |Loading "Pictures/DSCF0249.JPG". 38% finished 1.13057 MB/2.92411 MB at 52.368 KBit/s|
|01/28/18 09:19  |DEBUG  |Loading "Pictures/DSCF0249.JPG". 51% finished 1.50557 MB/2.92411 MB at 52.384 KBit/s|
|01/28/18 09:20  |DEBUG  |Loading "Pictures/DSCF0249.JPG". 64% finished 1.88057 MB/2.92411 MB at 52.368 KBit/s|

Each of these files is 3MB in size and takes about a minute to process. This can’t be right, can it?

Why are your transfer speeds so low?
Poor internet upload bandwidth?

More likely the backup is paused on the client

Of course…