Is An Image Backup Reliable After A Machine Goes Into Standby or Restarts?

I want to understand the following.

Can I rely on a full image backup where the target client machine has gone into standby, then comes out of standby and completes the full image backup?


Is this mechanism being fully managed by the shadow copy service within Windows? How can Windows exclude ALL of the writes going on after the system comes out of standby? Should I restart the full image backup all-together?

Yes, VSS guarantees its consistency, and persists system standby and restart.

Excellent! That, in and of itself is a fascinating topic. I have been waiting for this answer, thank you!

Are there any methods to validate the integrity of the created image within UrBackup after the backup has finished or is the backup image basically good if it can be mounted?

I’m not aware of a way to verify an image backup within urbackup.
Maybe others could help with this.

Thank you for you reply!

This is a very valid question and one reason we used DATTO (the company) backup hardware, we could set a time (normally the last in the day) for it to mount the image and run it to confirm it ran (it would send us a screen shot as proof that it was running).

Ive not found this in any other backup (yet?) clearly there needs to be a virtual engine in the backup system for this to work, this is something i would really like to see in UrBackup, however it likely need to be hosted on a Linux system, or at least have some script plugins to verity the image was mounted and run ok.